Property Owners

Considering short term rentals?

Talk to us, with over 20 years of experience we are able to give you comprehensive advice on all the ins and outs of short as well as long term rentals.

We have a variety of service options have a look through and contact us to discuss which services best work for you.

Our Service Options:

  • Respond to guest enquiries and manage bookings
    Risk free, no booking, no fee 
  • Manage cleaning and maintenance in advance of guests arrival, during their stay and after their departure
    Vaccuum, dusting, floors washed, bathroom and kitchen clean, wash sheets and towels (does not include laundry costs).
  • Welcoming Guests
    Provide keys and inventory listing of the property and appliance guides
  • Check-out Guests
    Collect Keys, property checked before departure
  • Property Assistance
    We provide assistance to guests on a variety of household matters including internet connections, TV setup etc
  • Garden Maintenance
    Regular or occasional visits to keep your garden looking beautiful
  • Renovation and Repairs
    Arrange and manage repairs i.e. plumbing, electrics, locks and small renovation projects (does not include repair costs)
In addition to providing short-term Property rentals and services we are partnered with The Home Service UK who offer a unique investment property management service for your property.
Home Services UK can provide you with a home monitoring service looking after your property whilst you are away on holiday or business. Complementing this service they also provide ongoing garden maintenance for residential and commercial properties. To discuss your requirements with The Home Service UK please complete the form below or visit their website.